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I was unfamiliar with mung beans and did a little research. I am quite impressed with the nutritional value, health benefits, and versatility of mung beans. I will be trying some mung bean recipes soon!


How to sprout mung beans

1.Take the amount of whole mung beans you want to be sprouted. Pick and clean the mung beans. Now wash the mung beans in water for 3-4 times.
2: In a bowl take the mung beans. Add water and cover it up to 1 inch above the mung beans.
3.Cover the bowl with a lid and soak the mung beans overnight.
4.The next day the mung beans will swell. If there is any remaining water on top, then just discard it. Discard all the water.
5.Wash and squeeze off excess water from a clean thin cotton cloth. Spread it and pour the soaked mung beans.
6.Bring together all the edges, roll tightly and make a knot. Rolling tightly yield tasty mung beans sprouts.
7. Next day, open cloth, mung beans will be sprouted fully. (more…)


About Our Mung Beans!

Everyone wants food that is NOT GMO. Mung Beans fit the bill. They are grown in US on a family owned farm. They have the vitamins and fiber that you need, especially if you have digestive issues and act as an anti-inflammatory as well.

These beans are one of the few tridoshic foods in Ayurvedic diets that can be eaten to balance all three dosha’s (energetic forces) in the body. Tridosha defines the three fundamental energies or principles which govern the function of our bodies on the physical and emotional level. The three energies are known a Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each individual has a unique balance of all three of these energies. You will feel the difference in your body when you eat Mung Beans over time.

They are healthy vegetables for everyone, children and seniors. Not only are they high in minerals, vitamins and fiber, they taste great and are easy to prepare. Growing the sprouts are easy and they really taste good! Just put the beans in water, keep in light, and within days, you have sprouts. There are easy to make recipes on our website.

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